.NET framework is known for its effective interoperability and the impeccable model of deployment. Dot Net has been much beyond just a platform for the developers.


SharePoint Engine is a leading provider for Microsoft SharePoint solutions. For the past seven years, we have delivered a wide array of products and services to help improve important aspects of our client’s business functions.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization can address file and Registry-level compatibility issues between legacy applications and newer operating systems, applications that don’t manage the heap correctly will not execute on Windows Vista as they still allocate memory in the same way, regardless of whether they are visualized.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite for mid-sized organizations. The system offers specialized functionality for manufacturing, distribution, government, retail, and other industries. The system was originally developed by Denmark-based Navision A/S until it was acquired by Microsoft in 2002.

Our Skills

  • DynamicDynamicWe are characterized by energy, effective actions, constant change, activity, or progress, and also believe in positive attitude.
  • DesignDesignWe help customers design their spaces and differentiate ourselves from other service providers. We provide aspect of design within reach.
  • InnovativeInnovativeWe keep customers happy with our products through constant brainstorming for little tools that can make a customer’s life a little bit easier
  • ProgrammingProgrammingAs on demand platform, we use different programming skills as a complete set of features for building business application.


Why Choose Us?

Microsoft is a leading platform that offers world class operating systems, frameworks for application development, various programming languages, useful tools and database software.

Teqfocus delivers services and solutions on Microsoft Technologies including windows applications, web applications, web services, database applications, cloud based applications, platform migration, mobile applications, migration and modernization of existing applications, product enhancement and maintenance, and product re-engineering.

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