Teqfocus’s dedicated non-profit services team utilizes deep expertise in various technologies to build customized solutions tailored to the needs of the non-profit community. We’ve helped multiple organizations with their missions and continued to foster relationships with non-profits around the world.


We leverage our unique experience of working with large-scale clients in the commercial sector and apply a thoughtful approach to implementing game-changing technologies for non-profit organizations.

Fund Raising and Donor Management



We help nonprofits for Fund raising and Donor Management by –

  • Enabling a 360° view of constituents and engaging consistently with constituents across channels
  • Tracking and measuring the impact in real time, raising more with AI-driven insights on donors, and taking every constituent on their own personal journey.
  • Streamlining multi-channel financial processes across third-party financial processors, banks, and internal systems
  • Improving analytics capabilities, allowing for timely and robust impact reporting
  • Offering self-service profiles in which donors can indicate their interests, view their interaction history, and note their preferred methods of engagement

Grants & Program Management



We help nonprofits for Grants and Program Management by –

  • Providing customizable solutions, budgeting, reporting, training and support, to provide a stable and scalable platform for current and evolving grantmaking lifecycle.
  • Managing grant applications, awards, and forecasting
  • Collecting, utilizing, and aggregating data for ongoing program management
  • Improving analytics capabilities, allowing for timely and robust impact reporting
  • Generating accurate, timely, and insightful metrics for donor impact reporting and informing program design

Volunteer Management



We help nonprofits in Volunteer Management by –

  • Making use of the technologies which manages, utilizes and maximizes Volunteers — ultimately helping the company’s capacity to meet the mission.
  • Socializing the recruiting process by implementing new ways to recruit and retain top volunteers and engage them around their interests and better identify the prospective volunteers.
  • Creating custom solutions which helps in organizing volunteers, schedule and events with different organizational level strategies.
  • Generating volunteer programs reporting and analytics in the real time.