Salesforce Strategy

Teqfocus customizes Salesforce, build mobile and web applications that increase profit and create remarkable values on your business. Our Salesforce certified team helps to guide your business from administration to custom development in a strategic manner.

Salesforce Health Check

The Health check application is designed to connect with Salesforce application and evaluate the rules stored in the repository against the Salesforce application. Salesforce Health Check have developed a robust code review framework that we run on all our internal Salesforce development projects.

Salesforce Optimization

The idea of optimization is to generate the maximum benefit from a given resource subject to certain constraints. Optimization demands an understanding of what elements of the Salesforce are more productive and why. It also demands using this insight to leverage current effort and create winning strategies in the future.

Salesforce Development

Salesforce development are used for developing web as well as mobility, such as desktop and mobile applications. Salesforce Development includes code and customizing the existing code as per client requirement. We have platform developer, lighting app builder, Heroku platform, Fuel Platform etc.

Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Managed Services enable you to manage Salesforce performance without external help, you naturally need a dedicated team of in-house Salesforce experts and we make sure that you continue to get the most from your investment.

Cloud Application Development

The Salesforce Platform gives you the ability to create robust, customized business apps that are powered by the most trusted and secure cloud. By uniting multiple app development services, including Lightning, Heroku, Thunder, Salesforce DX and more, the Salesforce Platform provides Cloud App Development solutions for all industries and business needs.

Mobile Enablement

Salesforce Mobile Enablement is helpful in generating greater efficiencies and productivity across sales workflow, it also improves CRM usage and overall quality of data captured which enhances time and performance analytics. It increases the sales revenue and improves overall ROI of marketing team’s efforts

Our Skills

  • DynamicDynamicWe are characterized by energy, effective actions, constant change, activity, or progress, and also believe in positive attitude.
  • DesignDesignWe help customers design their spaces and differentiate ourselves from other service providers. We provide aspect of design within reach.
  • InnovativeInnovativeWe keep customers happy with our products through constant brainstorming for little tools that can make a customer’s life a little bit easier
  • ProgrammingProgrammingAs on demand platform, we use different programming skills as a complete set of features for building business application.


Why Choose Us?

Salesforce is a cloud computing company which provides various software solutions and a platform for users and developers to develop and distribute custom software. Salesforce offers cloud services like Sales Cloud which is used by Teqfocus Sales team, Marketing Cloud is used by our marketing team, Chatter a social application which our organization uses to connect employees and various other services.
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