Web Development

E-Commerce Development

We shape Magento to suit your need from creating a whole new extension to changing an existing feature to make it the way you want it. We focus on speed, customers, and increased conversions.

CMS Development

CMS development which clearly understands the needs of a website owner. We know that in an information-driven economy the success relies totally on the ability to provide information to the users quickly.


PHP is a type of an open source programming language that is a very popular for developing web applications. Considered to be the best platform to design websites, you can create dynamic and feature friendly applications with PHP.


Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.


Java development technology is today the most widely used technology to create and customize a range of innovative solutions irrespective of their spheres of usage. The Java platform derives a fundamental structure and robustness from the C and C++ syntax, with perhaps a simpler object model.


Python is a free, open source coding language which is widely being used for the web development. It has many rich libraries and add-on features to make its development and implementation easier.

Angular JS

The powerful and result-oriented framework brings some amazing features in dynamic views in web applications.

Our Skills

  • DynamicDynamicWe are characterized by energy, effective actions, constant change, activity, or progress, and also believe in positive attitude.
  • DesignDesignWe help customers design their spaces and differentiate ourselves from other service providers. We provide aspect of design within reach.
  • InnovativeInnovativeWe keep customers happy with our products through constant brainstorming for little tools that can make a customer’s life a little bit easier
  • ProgrammingProgrammingAs on demand platform, we use different programming skills as a complete set of features for building business application.


Why Choose Us?

Nowadays world has changed completely in perspective of web technology and to survive here, it is vital having great web presence. For every business and enterprise, website works similar to boon since it is faster way to represent business to the entire world. Website development service is a trademark for any business nowadays and getting a portal developed with perfection adds its overall reputation.

Teqfocus being one of the leading web application development company, allows you to have a wonderful web vicinity through website with our extraordinary web development solutions, precisely according to requirements. Our group of experts has expertise in developing to any sort of website usign any stage by legitimately understanding your needs and by running with your thoughts. We center to deliver excellent website development benefits all through the procedure and bring into some fundamental highlights of an effective website.

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